Transport system

The transport is mainly land one. There is no water and railway transport. The following transport thoroughfares cross the municipality: road II-49 (Razgrad-Kubrat-Tutrakan), which connects the municipality with the nearest railway station Prostorno, and with the water transport (the town of Tutrakan); road II-23 (Dulovo-Isperih-Kubrat-Ruse), which connects with the other municipalities. The rest of the residential places are connected with the town and the neighbouring municipalities with forth class road nets with length 67.7 km.

The Municipality of Kubrat is one of the transport corridors between Turkey and Romania.



Water supply and sewerage

A great part of the water-supply network is extremely deprecated because it has been built 35-40 years ago from asbestos-cement pipes. The water-supply is provided by 11 deep (over 650 m) drills, two shaft wells in the village of Yuper and the village of Topchii and two shallow (up to 160 meters) drills in the village of Yuper. 12 pump stations with a capacity of 318 liters per second have been built as well as 23 water basins with a capacity of 4470 cubic meters. The total length of the waterworks built on the territory of the municipality is 178 km including internal waterworks and diversions 117.8 km.

The water-supply, sewerage and the purification of the waste waters on the territory of the municipality are activities undertaken by the municipality-owned firm "Water supply and Sewerage - Meden Kladenets" SLtd.



Hydro melioration

On the territory of Kubrat municipality there are more than 100 000 decares of area under irrigation, 7 pump stations, 2 equalizers - in the villages of Tetovo and Zvanartsi, all managed by Irrigation Systems - the town of Ruse.