Agriculture is one of the most developed branches of the economy, which is typical of all of the settlements in the municipality, providing occupation to considerable part of the population. Nevertheless the considerable decrease of the production in 90s, this branch remains one of the major income source and a main basis for the manufacturing powers in the region. The major priorities of the municipal policy are aimed at the: development of the ecological agriculture and stock-breeding; restoring the traditions in the vegetable-growing; recovering the fruit-culturing and wine-growing: creating small enterprises for processing and packaging of agricultural production.

Industry on the territory of the Municipality of Kubrat structured in branches is as it is listed below:

Woodworking Industry: furniture plant "Ludogorie 91" Ltd furniture plant - production of kitchen appliances, tables, chairs, etc, for massive confers.

Electro Technical Industry: "Elprom - Elin" Ltd.

Machine Building Industry: "Han Kubrat" Ltd. - produces machines for the bread making industry, confectionary, meat milling machines, machines for plant-protection, etc. "Dinamica" Co. - production of universal joints for agricultural equipment and cars, ship knobs and details, etc.

Firms specialized into canary and textile industries are developing. Firms with 100% Municipal participation are working in favor of the locals: WS "Meden kladenets", Medical Pharmacies, MHAT - Kubrat, Medical Centre I - Kubrat.

The branch reorganization, attending to the changes of local economy in 90s, gives the reason to be considered that the Kubrat municipality's economy is aimed towards industrial specialization. The tendency in the local economy development, during the last years outline the manufacturing industry, agriculture and forestry industry, trade and services as the determining branches for the branch structure. The manufacturing industry is represented mainly by a group of companies from the woodworking industry. The expectations are that till 2013 the production of the manufacturing industry will increase with about 24%, as the export of production will extend considerably.

In strategic plan, parallel to the processes in the production and technological restructure of the existing traditional productions, a territorial transfer of the production activities will take place.

The priorities of the municipal policy for industry development are: encouraging intellectual and high-technology productions; stimulating private business and its orientation towards developing lively and highly adaptive small and medium enterprises, through keeping the vital and traditional production branches and development of alternative productions; development of perspective regional clusters through creating the necessary preconditions and infrastructure.