Naturals resources


Earth Formations

The town of Kubrat /above sea level 250-300 meters/ is situated on a high ameba shaped plateau in the western half of the middle plateau-shaped part of the Ludogorie region, a part that is cut by wide, diluting, shrinking and sinking into the cross dry valleys long ridges between the valleys of the rivers and their feeders.




The climate of Kubrat municipality as well as of the whole Ludogorie region is temperately continental characterized by comparatively hot summer and cold winter seasons. In the winter cold north-eastern air currents rush in causing frequent decreases in temperature to -25оС and in the summer south-western winds cause droughts.



Water resources

Kubrat municipality is supplied with drinking water through test-pits and gully-hole wells. On its territory there are small municipal artificial lakes around the villages of Yuper, Bozhurovo, Bisertzi, Gorichevo, Tetovo and others, which provide good conditions for fishing.




On the territory of Kubrat municipality mainly animal species of North-European, Middle European and steppe animals are spread.

The inhabitant hunting species here are:

CLASS MAMMALS: Cloven-footed order - noble deer, doe, wild boar; Rabbit order - rabbit; Rodents order - squirrel; Predatory animals order - wolf, jackal, fox, wild cat, badger, marten, black polecat, weasel.

CLASS BIRDS: Hen order - Mongolian peasant, partridge, quail; Goose order - duck, semi-wild duck; Pigeon order - ring-dove, turtle-dove.

CLASS FISH: Carp order - carp, sheat-fish, yuklei (inhabits the micro artificial lakes).

Besides the listed hunting species in the region there are a lot of representatives of the families daily predatory, owlet, thrushes, titmouse, nightingales, skylarks, woodpeckers, fern-owls and others.



Natural sights

Yuper coppice - situated near by the village of Yuper. It occupies an area of 232 decares. Yuper coppice is a remaining of the old Deliormanska forest and it is a group of centuries old trees of bushy oak tree at the age over 170 years.

Myushterika - situated south to the village of Belovets and it is a natural deposit of wild red peony. It occupies an area of 50 decares. The area is a forest one, with prevailing carries oak.

Turska leska (Turkish hazlebush) - situated near by the road from the town of Kubrat for the town of Tutrakan. It occupies an area of 56 decares. It is a forest area, where among the other threes there is Turkish hazelnut bush.

Bozhurite (the Peonies) - a beautiful natural area, where annually, in the spring some of the cultural municipal manifestations are held.