Municipality offers to its visitors eventful cultural calendar, full of customs and holidays. Tradition in the municipality is to celebrate holidays of the residential places, eminent days and anniversaries, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, as well as celebrations of traditional Eastern Orthodox Christian holidays and Moslem holidays. Each year, despite of all social and political changes, traditionally in May there is a fair, celebrations of the Day of Kubrat - 24th of May.

Historical and cultural heritage, collected and preserved by patriotic Bulgarians, places the beginning of the town’s museum in a renovated in 1984 house, where Petar Ivanov-Komitata, a participator in Tanyo Voyvoda detachment used to live. Main directions in the museum are: “Archeological excavations in the region”, “National rebellious wars of the population of Kubrat and the municipality” and “Through the history of town”.

The new forth direction in the /town/ museum - “History of the town and notable figures” is for persons of special merits to the town - famous public figures, pedagogues, sportsmen, as well as for our famous fellow-citizen Lily Ivanova.

Tradition in the cultural life of Kubrat is the amateur theatre at the cultural club St. st. Cyril and Methodius, established in the 30-ies.

There are various genre of folklore amateur formations, singer's bands and dance groups.

People in the villages of Yuper, Belovets and Zvanartsi still keep folk traditions and customs having groups for authentic folklore. Turkish folklore is mainly developed in the cultural clubs in Bisertsi, Sevar, Belovets and Madrevo.

The Musical school was established in 1955 with classes of violin, accordion and piano. At the school of foreign languages French, German and English languages are being studied. Different clubs of interests have been established in the municipal center of Kubrat: satirical club “Jarava”; club “Prosveshtenie”; club of the young literary artists “Dimcho Debelyanov”.

Tradition in the municipality is to celebrate the holidays of the residential places, eminent days and anniversaries, Christmas and New Eve Celebrations, as well as different traditional celebrations.

Each year during May Celebrations in Kubrat there is a traditional fair, and with the decision of the Municipal council from 1994 24 May is announced for a Day of Kubrat. Part of the cultural events are held in the beautiful location Bozhurite - a nature protected place.



International Folklore Festival “Bozhurite”

There is a beautiful reserve called Myusterika within the municipality of Kubrat. This reserve is a natural field spangled with wild peonies (the Paeonia Peregrina Mill). This reserve covers 50 decares and is the only one of its kind in the region. The village and Belovets, 40 km southeast or Russe and 45 km northwest of Razgard is nearby wild peony reserve. The wild Paeonia bursts into blooms in the end of April and in the beginning of May.

Years on end, in beginning of May, more of one hundred people – singers and dancers go in this bloom peony “red sea”. People’s unique clothes, all participants approach and various songs make this event a beautiful holiday. This is the place where IFF “Bojurite” takes place. Many participants are coming from Rep. Greece, Rep. Macedonia, Rep. Turkey, Rep. Romania, Kingdom Sweden and Rep. Bulgaria.